Reclaim Optimum Health Through
A Multi-Dimensional Approach 

October 19th - November 23rd


Come together in community to discover proven and progressive tools from world-renowned Experts to optimize your physical strength, mental vigor, emotional capacity, energetic frequency, and spiritual journey.

Are you feeling inspired to nourish yourself and restore your health on all levels? Have you been yearning to connect with like-minded people in a sacred container of support and transformation? Are you ready to trust the journey and lean into life as you co-create at your highest potential?

Vitality is a live 5 week group course with a highly integrated approach meeting live, two days per week in community with highly respected Experts each week.

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Jenny Emblom Castro- Your Guide

A resident of Ojai, California, Jenny Emblom is committed to the path of elevating consciousness in the world. Jenny is the Founder of Attune and holds a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology with a concentration in Consciousness, Health & Healing from the University of Santa Monica, a Bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama, KRI certified Kundalini teacher, and certification from the Optimum Health Institute’s holistic healing program. She is currently obtaining an M.A. in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology at Pacifica. 

Dr. Andrée Leroy

Dr. Andrée LeRoy is both a Harvard-trained medical doctor and a medical intuitive. She is an expert in lifestyle, functional, integrative, and rehabilitation medicine. She comes from a long lineage of western medicine-trained physicians and holistic healers which has shaped her unique and science-based approach to integrative and individualized care.

Elissa Goodman


Elissa Goodman is a Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Cleanse Expert. After experiencing several health challenges including cancer, Celiac and Hashimoto's, she educated herself about how to heal using mostly holistic modalities, and today she is more than thriving.  

Elissa has helped thousands of clients manage their own health issues and has created several successful cleanses, including her own 5-day SOUP cleanse, as well as her popular 7-Day RESET cleanse. She collaborates with leading health and wellness partners including Café Gratitude and Erewhon Markets, and she contributes regularly to outlets such as GOOP, Huffington Post, abc7, NBC LA, E! News, Well & Good, Chalkboard, The Daily Mail and more.


Jessie De Lowe

Manifestation Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, Art Therapist and Co-Founder of How You Glow, Jessie De Lowe provides life-enhancing, enriching, and enlightening experiences to clients across the globe. Through one-on-one Manifestation Sessions, Relationship Coaching sessions and group Manifestation Workshops that blend her background in therapeutic healing with spirituality, positive psychology and neuroscience, De Lowe inspires people to live the most vibrant life possible and step into alignment with their soul’s true calling. With a Masters degree in Art Therapy from New York University, Jessie has always been intrigued by the power of alternative healing and passionate about helping others. As Co-Founder of How You Glow, an influential lifestyle + wellness platform, she has spent the last eight years as a highly coveted content creator with a mission to promote high-vibe brands while adding value and positive energy to the lives of many. Jessie is the host of a podcast entitled Madly Forever, in which she explores the secrets to fulfilling relationships, everlasting vitality and passionate love.

Ellie Richter

Elli Richter is a subconscious integrative coach and PSYCH-K facilitator and helps people all over the world to heal trauma and uplevel their subconscious beliefs, so they can empower themselves and live life fully. Born and raised in Germany, she holds a graduate degree in Physiotherapy and a bachelor's degree in health education with a dash of psychology. She also holds certifications in holistic life coaching, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, group exercise. Elli is passionate about Human Design, Sound Healing, Breathwork, and subconscious work, and her mission is to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

Erin Ward

Erin Rose Ward strives to find out what it means to thrive and how to help others to do the same. Conscious movement, breath, and meditation have evolved as her primary access points to personal freedom as well as what she offers to the world. Inspired by the infinite healing capacity of ancient wisdom practices, Erin lives and serves as a 750hr RYT yoga, ecstatic dance, meditation, breathwork, and spiritual fitness teacher with a mission to be a conduit for big love in the world. She is one of the lead teachers for The Class by Taryn Toomey method. As a teacher and a writer, Erin looks for the weaving together of philosophy and practicality to foster a safe space for people to come, just as they are, move and breathe through whatever they’re going through, and tap into something bigger than their personal story. Erin is currently getting her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Somatic Therapy.

Lena Franklin

Lena Franklin is a Modern Medicine Woman, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, and Transformational Speaker, offering the ancient practices of meditation, energy medicine and psycho-spiritual healing in an accessible way for a modern lifestyle. Formally trained with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Social Work, Lena is dedicated to guiding others on a journey of embodied purpose, presence and liberated wholeness. Lena has been featured on Bravo, Lifetime, the cover of Yoga Magazine, and in The NY Times, Telegraph, World Travel Magazine and more.

Jeff Glattstein

 Jeff Glattstein is a dedicated healing professional, teacher, and spiritual guide. With decades of study and practice in the arts of Shamanic Healing, Energy Medicine, Tai Chi, Medical Qigong, Kung Fu, and Life Sciences, Jeff brings a comprehensive fusion of physical, energetic and psycho-spiritual healing to his students and clients. His learning has bridged East and West with a fusion of Shamanic, Taoist, Buddhist, and Western Healing methods. Jeff teaches, advises and consults globally with teachers, healers, executives and entrepreneurs, guiding them toward being a more authentic presence in the workplace, in the community and in their personal relationships.


Deepa Pulipati

Deepa is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. She is a Brené Brown Certified Facilitator for both adult (Daring Greatly and Rising Strong) as well as teen (BOLD) workshops. I believe that the best solutions come from within. My passion is working with individuals, couples and families from all backgrounds. Together, we examine how past experiences shape us, we discover how to make informed choices and implement tools to create meaningful, authentic lives. I use an eclectic approach from solution focused therapy, family systems, cognitive behavioral, existential etc. to create a plan that suits the unique needs of each client.

Joie Lee Ruggiero

Celebrity trainer, Joie Ruggiero (@joililikoi), was raised on the beautiful island of Maui and began training in Kundalini Yoga, dance, and music at an early age. After over a decade of working with some of the top names in boutique fitness in NYC, and Los Angeles, including Tracy Anderson Method, modelFIT, Dancebody, Fabletics, and Popsugar fitness, she had her first child and launched her own brand, Haumea Athletics, offering online programs and fitness retreats. A NASM Certified Group Instructor with masterful knowledge of the human kinetic chain, Joie draws on her spiritual upbringing to empower her clients to become deeply mindful of their bodies and how they relate to the world, thereby creating long-lasting, and definitive change, physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is safe to say that the last 18+ months have been intense on many levels. It has brought each of us challenges that were quite unexpected. Many of us have experienced drastic changes which have led to loss, grief and significant stressors. AND we have cultivated the skills of pivoting, discernment, and the capacity to grow.

As we move forward, you may have noticed a decline in your own health, energy levels, and well-being. You may also recognize that it is time to prioritize your health including the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels. To fully step into this level of transformation, it does require clear intention, awareness of habits, dedication and accountability.

As we finish the last 3 months of 2021, are you choosing to reclaim your power and optimize your health on ALL levels?

Curious if the following resonates for you...


  • Life feels chaotic, unbalanced and overloaded with uncertainty and you are ready to feel empowered again.
  • You know you need to prioritize self-care but you lack commitment to a consistent daily meditation and movement practice.
  • Living in a world of information overload, it is difficult to discern what is true or false related to health tips, media claims, personal growth tools, food choices, and healing modalities.
  • Your health has declined due to stress, fear, anxiety, alcohol consumption and eating to cope with the uncertainty in the world.
  • You don't relate to the far out "woo woo". You seek a grounded, progressive and science-based approach to improved health.
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One major takeaway is that we must take charge of our health on ALL levels to experience sovereignty, vitality, and freedom.

You are not alone. Many of us feel that there just isn't enough time in a day to do it all, and that can leave us feeling depleted and potentially even burned out. That kind of exhaustion can lead to health issues that keep you in a less than desirable cycle of stress, inflammation and low energy.

No one intends to be stressed out and unwell. Everyone wants to effectively manage their energy and optimize life to fully experience the innate gift of vitality. Our bodies are self-healing organisms and designed to thrive. However, we are responsible for nourishing ourselves with appropriate food, water, sleep and self care practices that keep our energy flowing. In the busyness of life, priorities shift and our health tends to get overlooked.

Meet Jenny Emblom Castro, M.A.

Founder + CEO of Attune


 Jenny Emblom Castro, leads online courses and offers private counseling to those seeking answers to health issues and significant life transitions. Based on her personal experience, training and extensive studies, Jenny believes there is a well of wisdom underneath every issue that can open up great healing and shifts in one’s life if you approach it from a conscious, loving place.

Jenny holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with a concentration in Consciousness, Health & Healing from the University of Santa Monica, a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama and KRI certified Kundalini teacher. She is currently in graduate school at Pacifica Graduate Institute obtaining her license in Marriage and Family therapy with an emphasis in Depth Psychology.

That is why I am confident in saying that you can:

  • Feel empowered with your health when you understand that the mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual elements are all connected and learn ways to integrate more fully.
  • Get to the root of your deepest unresolved issues and blocks that hold you back from reaching your full potential and true happiness.
  • Utilize effective tools to support your healing and growth to create more balance, creativity, clarity, connection and joy in your life .
  • Embrace new ways of living that are progressive, sophisticated, sustainable, environmentally sound and grounded in research.

Reclaim Optimum Health 


Vitality is a 5 week virtual group course with a highly integrated approach meeting live, two days per week in community with featured Experts each week.

You will receive innovative information and ancient wisdom from a coveted Experts that will hone in and teach on a specific topic while offering time for Q & A once a week. This is a diverse group of leaders in health + wellness including doctors, nutritionists, healers, therapists, shamans, and coaches.  

 In our 5 weeks together, you will discover how to...

  • Reconnect with your body and release the toxins
  • Connect with the wisdom of your Body & Mind
  • Step into alignment with your Soul’s true calling
  • Experience the inherent power of your body to create change for the body and your whole life
  • Create more sustainable balance in your life and experience a greater sense of inner peace and groundedness
  • Cultivate a consistent practice of self-care, reflection, deeper healing and inspiration, especially in times of crisis
  • Learn multicultural Shamanic Practices which will help amplify and sustain your personal energy, and guide you into a realm of work which will truly transform your life. 
  • Release the grip of anxiety, depression, burn out, and modern overwhelm
  • Identify the difference between shame and guilt and go through processes to end shame as a tool for change
  • Gather with like-minded people in a safe container as you are held and seen for who you truly are

As you discover and integrate these powerful tools, you will remember your power and reclaim your vitality.


 And as you do, you will witness your life transform from the inside out and begin to experience deeper levels of fulfillment, greater alignment and more freedom

Who doesn't want that?


Inside of this safe and loving container, you will also...

Connect with like-minded people who, just like you, are on this journey of healing and growth to create their most expansive and vital lives.

Get set up with an accountability partner and you will support one another throughout the course. This serves you to cultivate a deeper connection within the group, stay on track and receive the greatest results possible along the way.

Jenny will create a custom 40 day practice that the group will begin within the container of Vitality. This offers accountability and consistency that will support people to continue with this practice after the course completes.

Experience a 7-Day cleanse to combat issues that most have come to accept as a normal part of everyday life: inflammation, bloating, low energy, brain fog, weight gain, exhaustion and so many more. You will detox and cleanse with the group to experience greater clarity, focus and optimum health

Learn proven techniques from some of the top Experts in the health and wellness industry. Each of them are highly respected and influential while traveling many years on this path of awakening

Receive  laser coaching 2x per week from a diverse group of experts as well as the opportunity to ask questions and deepen your understanding on a range of topics.  

I'm Ready To Reclaim My Health From The Inside-Out

After working with Jenny, I feel my life took a 180º turn: I learned a lot about myself and different techniques, strategies, and tools to support myself. I also stepped more fully into my personal growth, which led me to learn and explore other modalities of healing I was always curious about to help and support myself and others. Working with Jenny was a unique experience for me because, among other things, it was my first time working with a woman and a spiritual psychologist. With Jenny, I always feel heard, seen, and supported in ways I had never felt before. I felt safe sharing my experiences, thoughts, and feelings —from the lightest most bright ones to the darker most daunting ones. Most importantly, I felt I was given techniques, materials, tools tailored to me and my current needs. I felt supported to take actions, Jenny's words, assignments, suggestions help you to embody the mental and spiritual awareness you gain during the process; you truly connect to yourself and are able to move and act accordingly.


~Laura Rodriguez-Mejia



Vitality begins on October 19, 2021 and it includes the following...

Live Group & Interactive Sessions

▶ 1 group session each Tuesday from 8.30 am - 9:00 am PST with Jenny Emblom Castro. From 9:00 - 10.30 am PST, a featured Expert will speak on a specific topic related to that week’s topic with Q & A to follow.

▶1 group coaching session each Friday from 8.30 am - 10.30 am PST with Jenny Emblom Castro alternating every other week with a featured Expert that will lead the group in an immersive experience related to the topic for that module.

Practical Application

▶ Each participant receives one 45 minute 1:1 session with Jenny before the course begins. This will clarify your intentions for the 5 week course and set you up for success.

▶ To complete the course, Jenny is offering every participant one 45 minute 1:1 session to integrate the learnings and identify next steps to optimize their life moving forward.

▶ Additional 1:1 coaching with Jenny is an option. Limited number of spots based on Jenny’s availability.


▶ Assigned accountability partners for support throughout the 5 weeks

▶ Slack Channel for the community to stay connected, engage, and support each other throughout the course and beyond

▶ Participants will also have email access to the Attune team for questions or support throughout the course.

Personal Application

▶ Jenny will create a custom 40 day practice that the group will begin within the container of Vitality. This offers accountability and consistency that will support people to continue with this practice after the course completes.

▶ 7 day detox + cleanse during the course led by Elissa Goodman, Holistic Nutritionist

▶ For each weekly topic, you will receive additional resources for independent study as you deepen into the work

Weekly Expert Mentors

▶ Learn from world-renowned leaders in the wellness space for an elevated experience with cutting edge tools and ancient wisdom to optimize your health on all levels.

▶ Immersive + experiential learning during each session including talks, rituals, and Q & A with each Expert

Easy Accessibility

▶ Virtual format accessible from anywhere with internet service

▶ Recorded video of each live session will be available following sessions

▶ Downloadable course material

▶ Access to the course for 90 days after the course ends

I'm Ready To Optimize My Health

“I have so much praise for this Vitality course!

It really is uniquely positioned for anyone on a wellness journey and at any stage along that road… Each week I found myself eagerly awaiting our time together, where the content was truly transformative and helped to embrace a more positive and inspired future self. I was able to gain skills across multiple areas of discipline from managing energy and raising your vibrations, to some sacred ritual ceremonies and movement classes, to the wisdom of mindset and manifestation, to a deep dive cleanse and nutritional information on eating to balance the body and strengthen one’s immunity, to ultimately attuning to practices to help shift to a more spiritual and aligned being. The individuals I met helped to create a container of love and empathy, all under the magical guidance of Jenny Emblom, who truly was an angel for us all, as she expertly (and patiently) facilitated the group. The various guests brought on weekly as specialty experts kept the course and content fresh.

I left the course with a newfound vigor – excited to continue as although the course ended, the gifts of the knowledge and tips are endless. The layout of the Vitality portal was visually appealing and informative - it was easy to follow with both videos and content. It's something that I have been referring back to on a regular basis. I have continued to implement Jenny’s guided 40-day morning practice and already see it has given me so much grace to tackle my day. There were tears, laughs, shivers, awareness, acknowledgement and smiles throughout this course from all of the participants… I highly recommend.”


- Jen W.

The Vitality Course of  Study

Each week, Jenny Emblom Castro will lead the group in a 30 minute movement and meditation practice. After that, the featured Expert will join the session to lead their talk and dive deeper into their topic for 45 minutes. Q & A and laser coaching for 30 minutes.


Attuning to your Intention and connecting with the Wisdom of your Body & Mind

Your guest speaker is Dr. Andree LeRoy

In this first module, you will discover... 

  • Identify your intention for the Vitality course: how do you want to feel after six weeks and what are you calling forward during this time?
  • Experience how to measure your energetic inventory and discern how that is affecting your health + well-being
  • Immerse into a process and receive Dr. LeRoy’s comprehensive mental, spiritual, and physical approach to bring health issues to resolution.
  • How to tune into your body to understand what it is communicating with you
  • Tools to identify your chakra system and determine how health issues correlate with each energy center
  • Steep in deep relaxation and energetic nourishment

Part 2: Breathwork, Somatic Therapy, and Movement

Your guest speaker is Erin Ward

In this module, you will discover... 

    • Move outside of the thinking brain and into the energetic and emotional bodies.
    • Address the blockages that are holding you back from your highest Self
    • Release the grip of anxiety, depression, burn out, and modern overwhelm
    • Move the body and experience elements of somatic therapy while receiving clarity, emotional release, physical healing, and overall increased energy.


Embodied Transformation

Your guest speakers are Lena Franklin and Jeff Glattstein

In this third module, you will discover... 

  • Understanding and experiencing that embodied transformation is available to us through the portals of ancient practices and rituals.
  • Learning multicultural Shamanic Practices which will help amplify and sustain your personal energy, and guide you into a realm of work which will truly transform your life.
  • Delve into the realms of how to improve and sustain a higher level of Physical Energetics as Psycho-Emotional Energetics become balanced through embodied practices.
  • Learn Psycho-Spiritual Alignment, as Jeff and Lena discuss the use of Sacred Shamanic Practices along with the integration of Plant Medicine and how this combination has proven to be so powerfully effective in breaking through any barriers of resistance to fully embodying your truest power.

The topics covered will include:

  • Eastern Approaches to Spiritual Transformation
  • Entheogenic Assisted Spiritual Transformation
  • Portable Practices utilizing your breath, body and capacity to channel energy


Part 1: Brené Brown Certified Rising Strong Workshop: Own your stories of struggle and reclaim your power

Your guest speaker is Deepa Pulipati

In this fourth module, you will discover... 

  • Learn techniques to own your stories of struggle to give you the power to write a daring new ending
  • Identify the difference between shame and guilt and go through processes to end shame as a tool for change.
  • Understand ways to authentically own your disappointments, failures, and even those heartbreaks that can take your breath away
  • Remember that struggle can be our greatest call to courage and the clearest path to a wholehearted life
  • Examine how past experiences shape us, we discover how to make informed choices and implement tools to create meaningful, authentic lives

Part II: Experience the inherent power of your body to create change for the body and your whole life

Your guest speaker is Joie Lee Ruggiero

In this fourth module, you will discover...  

  • Understand the exact role the physical body plays in successful manifestation.  
  • Learn how to use that energy to manifest so you can feel confident that you are living your fullest, creative potential
  • Find clarity in your vision, and declare it to the universe
  • Apply deliberate, consistent, and precise action in the direction of the goal while abandoning all hope of knowing how things will unfold
  • Feel ecstatic gratitude and joy for the goal already being a part of your present reality


Physical Health & 7 Day Reset Cleanse: Reconnect with your body and release the toxins 

Your guest speaker is Elissa Goodman

In this fifth module, you will discover... 

  • Learn practical and accessible ways to embrace the concept that we are a product of what we eat and how you treat yourself
  • Understand how gut health is connected to almost every aspect of your overall health
  • Identify action steps to take related to your gut health to experience true, sustainable healing
  • Explore best foods and supplements for a healthy gut, anti-inflammation and optimum health from the inside-out
  • Experientially learn the benefits of detox as you journey into a 7-day cleanse led by Elissa Goodman. Experience improved sleep quality, weight loss, a decrease in digestive issues and bloat, mental clarity, rebalancing of hormones, reduced inflammation, improvement to skin tone and texture, and so much more

Part 1: Manifestation: Step into alignment with your Soul’s true calling

Your guest speaker is Jessie De Lowe

In this sixth module, you will discover... 

  • Learn how to create a reality in the physical, external world that matches your soul’s true desires.
  • Step into optimal alignment, develop a sense of unconditional self love and hold the unwavering belief that you are truly worthy of your dream reality.
  • Examine and shift your limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that are blocking you from being in your highest energetic, magnetic flow.
  • Identify where you’re currently at and where you would ideally like to be in each area.
  • Take thorough inventory in each realm of existence, exploring sense of purpose in your life, connection to self and others, self care routines, etc


Part II: Psych-K: Uplevel your subconscious beliefs, heal trauma, and empower yourself

Your guest speaker is Ellie Richter 

In this second module, you will discover...

  • Learn how to initiate balance and regulate the nervous system
  • Experience subconscious Integration with PSYCH-K while safely healing trauma & up-leveling limiting beliefs  
  • Take an honest inventory of your mental and emotional health 
  • Experience how it is possible to break habits that have kept you stuck and distressed for years
  • Strategies to heal unresolved issues and reclaim optimum health on all levels

Plus, you get these bonus gifts!

✓ TWO 45 minute 1:1 sessions with Jenny. One at the beginning and one at the end of the course.

✓ 7 day RESET cleanse PDF created by Elissa Goodman

✓ Exclusive and curated closing ceremony to integrate the learnings on November 23

 ✓ Access to world-renowned Experts for continued questions and private sessions

 ✓ Spotify playlist to support you with immersion into the Vitality course

✓ Exclusive invitation to retreat in January 2022

The value of each of these trainings on their own is $1,500+ (a total value of over $15,100), but you get this entire course of study for the investment of 1 easy payment of $997

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I was initially drawn to Vitality, because I was struggling with a recent illness and loss in my family.  I was looking for resources and a support system that could help me find tools within myself to start healing, and taking better care of myself both emotionally and physically.  Through the course I found myself becoming more in tune with rediscovering who I am, I was able to learn to deal with past emotional trauma by being more gentle and forgiving to myself in my own healing process, and I’ve developed healthier daily practices.  In addition to  learning lasting methods, rituals, and gaining insightful information to help me with my growth in my healing process, I found this amazing and supportive group of women in the process.  I encourage anyone interested in delving more into their own spiritual growth, and learning more about their physical and mental well being to sign up for this amazing opportunity! 


~Erin G.

Frequently Asked Questions

The value of each of these trainings on their own is $1,500+ (a total value of over $15,100), but you get this entire course of study for the investment of 1 easy payment of $997

(see below for a payment plan)

Single Payment


Best Value

  • 1 Easy Payment of $997



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