Are you ready to reclaim the truest version of Self?

Now is the time to release all the funk that is in the way. Receive professional support inside a safe container, consistent accountability, and accelerated transformation.


We are living through a transformational time filled with uncertainty, heightened levels of fear, mental health issues at all time highs, and significant change that has left many of us contemplating how to proceed and navigate this transition. Whether we have been affected directly or indirectly, this rising tide has called each of us to reexamine our priorities and to boldly move towards a new and deeper way of being even if we aren't sure where or how to begin.

If you are feeling...


  • Ungrounded and out of alignment with your true Self  
  • Depleted and zapped from the insanity of the world events 
  • Mentally and emotionally out of balance 
  • Unclear of next steps to get out of habitual thinking and patterns 
  • Confused and unable to discern the best path to optimize your health 
  • Uncertain about your career, love life, finances, or any other important area in your life 

It is not a surprise, nor uncommon given the magnitude of the collective energy and the significant changes each of us are experiencing. Our current reality can contribute to decreased immunity, loneliness, anxiety, depression, health issues and low energetic vibration. Now is the time to invest in yourself and resolve the issues that are blocking you from your highest potential. Each of us must take dominion over our lives and choose to make changes.

Jenny Emblom holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy with a Depth Psychological approach. She also earned a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology with a concentration in Consciousness, Health & Healing from the University of Santa Monica. She is a KRI certified Kundalini teacher. Jenny integrates elements of intuition, transpersonal, mindfulness, neuroscience, depth psychology, attachment and trauma-informed care into her work. Her intention is to support the client to remember their innate wisdom, get to the root of their suffering and reclaim wholeness within.

Based on her personal experience, training and extensive studies, Jenny believes there is medicine underneath every issue that can open up great healing and shifts in one’s life when approached from a conscious, loving place. After being diagnosed with a ‘borderline’ ovarian tumor in 2012 at the age of 33, this defining moment changed the trajectory of her life 180º. She sought support and guidance through deep inquiry and a highly intentional & holistic lifestyle. Since then, she has been supporting clients with an integrative approach and wholeheartedly believes in the power of attuning the body, mind, and soul.


1:1 Counseling Sessions to accelerate your attunement


For those of you feeling called to receive personalized support, now is your opportunity. If you thrive with accountability, consistency, and customized practices, this is made for you. 

 Together, we will work to... 

  • Let go of unresolved issues that block your full potential and hold you back from experiencing true happiness   
  • Reveal the unconscious material and get to the root of your suffering 
  • Identify blocks, narratives, and patterns that are causing mental distress and imbalance in your physical body 
  • Set clear intentions for the direction you want to go and take action steps to fulfill your vision with accountability, alignment, and consistency   
  • Commit to a customized 40 day practice to deepen your connection to Self and the Divine offering you clarity, neutrality of the thinking mind and sovereignty   
  • Experience accessible, science based, progressive, and grounded ways to go deep while you strengthen physical health, mental well-being, emotional intelligence, and spiritual evolution
  • Receive proven tools that support you to evolve and align with your higher Self 
  • Plus, so much more that will come forward and guide you into greater levels of transformation 

Then it is time for you to get the 1:1 support needed to safely and confidently let go of what no longer serves you to create a full and aligned life.  

When you are able to get to the root of your issues and move towards your optimal mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic health, you will see results in every area of your life.


You'll experience such things as...

  • Resolution in areas of your life that feel stagnant, imbalanced and activated
  • Awareness of health issues and open to seeing them as opportunities for greater healing and growth
  • Commitment to a daily practice that supports mental neutrality, intention and inspiration in all areas of life
  • The permission to create the life of your dreams, the support to map it out and the accountability to take the next steps as you create it
  • Inner peace as you have the support and guidance to work through fears, anxiety and uncertainty
  • Integration of the many aspects of yourself ranging from childhood, adolescence into adulthood
  • Understanding of the unconscious and how to uncover repressed emotions, memories and experiences while working with a professional to guide you with tools for healing and transformation
  • Unique tools to support you with various types of situations as you navigate the human experience
  • Greater ease in situations that may have once been difficult or uncomfortable 
  • Increased and sustainable vitality that is evident + effective to be deeply present and loving with yourself, family and loved ones
  • Plus, much more


The intimacy of 1:1 time together offers us the space to drop in, focus and vulnerably move through what is present within you. I listen deeply, tune into your process and support you with feedback, tools and next steps as healing, expansion and integration begin to unfold.




  • 90 days of support
  • 1 session every 2 weeks
  • Each session is 75 minutes 
  • 1 check in phone call every other week between sessions (30 minutes)
  • Access to Jenny via WhatsApp to text and/or voice memo in between sessions
  • Access to Jenny via email for support within 24 hours
  • 1:1 sessions via Zoom, confidential and password protected
  • Access to the Attune team of Experts for specialized needs
  • Proven tools + professional guidance throughout the session
  • Additional resources as a follow up to each session (books, meditations, practices, articles, podcasts, etc)
  • Recording of each session, if desired

This format allows the time and space to go deep for a sustained period of time to focus, activate, and reveal unconscious beliefs that distract you from living at your highest potential and experiencing your authentic Self. From there, we work together to tend to your psyche, process the material, and move towards resolution and greater integration.

It is time for you to get the support you need. Sign up now to attune, evolve, and reclaim your sovereignty.

Space is limited.


The investment is a one-time payment of $2999.  

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Single Payment


Best Value

  • 1 Easy Payment of $2999



Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments

  • 3 Easy Payments of $1100

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“Her presence gives me a sense of calm and ease -- that is the best way I can explain who Jenny is. There is something sheerly in her presence. You can feel the healing. You can honestly feel the light. And, that's how I knew Jenny would change my life. And she did.  

Before hiring her as my personal coach, it was the leadership, work ethic, and strategic planning (as well as her knowledge in spiritual psychology, kundalini, meditation, and mindfulness) it took to build and successfully execute an event like Attune that finalized my decision. I had to meet the person that was able to gather Elizabeth Gilbert, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gabby Bernstein and so many other powerful leaders together. She truly cares for people and the planet around us. You and the world will benefit from what her program will teach you.”  


 - Kevin Samples Founder, Lead Dream Coach School Of You  


 It would be an honor to guide you on this continued journey of evolution. Receive the support and tools you need to align with your true self and reach your highest potential. If this feels right to you, sign up now.


The investment is a one-time payment of $2999.

Yes, I Am Ready to Receive 1:1 Support