Intimate retreat in Ojai, California

Fall 2023

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We are inspired to announce that
Attune will be hosting an intimate retreat
in Ojai, California Fall 2023.


We will immerse for 4 days surrounded by the exquisite beauty of Nature and guided by world-renowned Experts as we attune within and allow ourselves to align to our soul's essence more fully. We will deepen through inquiry, explore Nature, sit in sacred ceremony, and initiate transformation & expansion.

We are honored to share the revered valley that we now call Ojai...


This land was settled by the Ancient Chumash Indians spanning more than 10,000 years ago. They believed that the valley holds mystical powers and that a magnification of energy exists exuding a peaceful sacredness that can be felt. This energy that first drew the Chumash to the valley has been celebrated through the years and many believe today that Ojai is a ‘vortex’ - an unseen force that concentrates energy. Whether you believe in this energy or not- there is something about the Ojai Valley that cannot be described - but can be felt - and the only way to explain it, is to experience it for yourself.

We will immerse for 4 days surrounded by beauty in all ways. Be prepared to receive clarity and experience transformation as we explore nature, sit in sacred ceremony, and immerse into a cha dao tea ritual, yoga, hiking, sound alchemy, and nourishment. Nurture yourself with bodywork and healing modalities to deepen your experience. There is a surprise adventure that will be announced in the coming months.

What Is Unique About Attune in Ojai?


  • 4 days surrounded by the exquisite beauty of Nature
  • Guided by world-renowned teachers and healers 
  • Intentional time to tune in and reconnect with your soul's essence 
  • Sit in sacred ceremony
  • Connect with soulful people
  • Receive clarity and experience transformation
  • Explore Nature
  • Receive wisdom teachings
  • Immerse into a Cha Dao tea ritual
  • Practice Yoga
  • Hike in the Topa Topa mountains of Ojai
  • Ecstatic Dancing
  • Experience sound alchemy
  • Receive nourishment with delicious and healthy food
  • Nurture yourself with bodywork and healing modalities to deepen your experience
  • Reconnect with yourself on retreat with all of the details taken care of for you
  • Immerse into a secluded escape in Ojai
  • Enjoy sacred + spacious accommodations
  • Play in the 50-foot pool
  • Rejuvenate in ultimate privacy and serenity



Book a complimentary discovery call to ask questions, learn more, and decide if this retreat is aligned for you. Reach out to our team via email with questions at [email protected]


Attune at Serenbe was the most beautiful and mindfully curated wellness gathering I have ever been to. The sacred land at Serenbe held space for us all to dive deep and illuminate all that was hiding in our shadows. The presenters were so incredibly impactful and the food and artist village were divine. I’m so grateful I chose to give myself this amazing transformational experience.


~Shael Berni

This experience has been uniquely curated exclusively for this sacred retreat in Ojai. It will be elevated, soul nourishing, and deeply intentional.

Fall 2023

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